Herd of cattle led by a beaver is an odd sight

Ranchers in Canada usually use horses or quads to herd their cattle, but a couple near Ituna in Saskatchewan discovered a well-trained beaver could do the job as well.

Adrienne Ivey and her husband Aaron were checking on their herd of cattle on Friday when they made the unusual discovery.

Their herd of cattle was closely bunched together and following a beaver across the pasture:

When the beaver stopped, the herd stopped. When the beaver started walking, the herd followed. It was an odd but funny sight.

“We knew that people would get a great chuckle out of it because you cannot get more Canadian than that,” Ivey told The Canadian Press.

“We talk about how awesome our Canadian beef is, but a beaver leading cattle around? It’s the most Canadian thing ever!”

It should be noted that the national symbol of Canada is a beaver.

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Ivey told CBC News that the beaver was probably scouting for a new place to build a beaver dam as the ranch features a number of sloughs and wetlands. As the beaver searched, the curious cattle remained close behind.

“There was about a 3-foot space around him,” Ivey told CBC. “They didn’t want to get closer than that.

“They’re a curious bunch. They’re kind of like teenagers. And I think they were following this thing around because they couldn’t figure out what the heck it was.

“We just thought this was so funny and so Canadian. A Canadian beaver leading around a bunch of Canadian cattle just makes it even more funny.”

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