Los Angeles to New York on Two Wheels (and an Hour Nap)

Ryan Sorensen

In August 2015, Carl Reese, from Santa Clarita, California, rode his 2015 BMW K 1600 GT from the San Fernando Valley to Manhattan in 39 hours. Reese trained for the record, which was verified this year, for two years, strengthening his core with spin classes, and temporarily gave up caffeine so it would have greater effect on the road. 

"Most guys who try this lie down three-quarters of the way across and wake up hours later," he says. Reese's solution: meet his girlfriend in Kansas and have her force him to wake up. Two months later, Reese set another transcontinental record, for the fastest semiautonomous drive across the U.S. (57 hours, 48 minutes) in a Tesla Model S P85D.

Hours it took him to cross the U.S. by bike:

Reese's average speed, in mph:

Hours he slept at a Kansas Holiday Inn:

Cups of coffee he drank to stay awake: