How to Increase Your Productivity

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How many times per day do you check your phone or refresh your Facebook page? Let’s be honest: modern technology has turned us into update-aholics. And while this hyper-speed communication might allow us to feel intimately connected to the world, it can also destroy our work productivity.

If staying on task is a chore, read AskMen’s tips to help you stay on task:

Keep To-Do Lists
Ever wondered why your girlfriend makes those checklists before she heads to the store? No, it’s not because she likes the look of her handwriting. It’s because they work. Writing everything down allows you to free up your mental space for other things, and it gives you organized, mini-objectives to complete during the day.

When Stuck, Move on to New Tasks
Focusing your efforts on problems you can’t fix may seem noble, but it’s a waste of time, and chances are at the end of the day you will have nothing to show for it. Not to mention, our minds tend to wander when we get bored, increasing the likelihood of a 5-minute Facebook detour that turns into hours of distraction. Change it up. Next time you’re stuck or just plain tired of staring at the same task, move on to something else and come back when you’re ready for a second shot.

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