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Don’t want to pay for your kid’s college? Are you hoping they’ll pull a LeBron and head straight to the NBA?

Get busy now.

According to a new study in the International Journal of Sports Medicine, conceiving a child in the winter months produces stronger, more athletic babies. Specifically, you should aim for a November birthday – exactly nine months from now. 

From the Science of Us

“The researchers think it’s because the mothers of babies born in these months have greater exposure to Vitamin D as their due date draws near, thanks to those summer rays. Vitamin D has been linked to numerous in utero health benefits, and is thought to be a stimulus for bone and muscle growth, thus influencing the future athleticism of the unborn child.”

In addition to the physical benefits attributed to an autumn birth, your kid will have a leg-up because of a phenomenon called the relative age effect. Most sports leagues start around September, which means the oldest – and likely the biggest – kids on the team have fall birthdays. 

You might not think a few more inches on four-year-old Billy Joe can have an impact on his future athletic glory, but if he proves himself on toddler terrain it can put him on the best rec team, which will improve his skills further, which will put him on the best club team, which will give him better coaching, etc. – thus starting a chain reaction that leads to a collegiate scholarship, a pro career, and a couple proud parents. 

So if you want a little Russell Wilson (born November 29) or LeBron (born December 30), you’ve got 26 days to make it happen. 

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