How to Help the Sherpa Community

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Niranjan Shrestha / AP

The April 18th avalanche on Mount Everest that took the lives of 16 Sherpas has spurred an outpouring of support for the families of the deceased and the Nepalese Sherpa community in general. Here’s how you can help.

Fund a Scholarship

The International Avalanche Nest-Egg was founded in 2013 to support the children and families of avalanche victims, in memory of skier Ian Lamphere, who was killed in an avalanche at Loveland Pass, Colorado that same year. The nonprofit has pledged to match donations, up to $1,000, to the Himalayan Trust, which will provide scholarships to the Everest avalanche victims’ children to cover educational and living expenses – ensuring they have guaranteed schooling despite their loss. 

Help the Families

The American Alpine Club established the Sherpa Support Fund in remembrance of the 16 Nepalese mountaineers killed in the April 18 avalanche on Everest, and to provide immediate aid and support for their families. While the AAC does not typically engage in humanitarian work, “circumstances… moved us otherwise” as the organization’s website explains. In the week following the tragedy, the Sherpa Support Fund collected more than $50,000 from 400 donors. The AAC will be accepting donations until May 30, 2014.

Invest in Art

National Geographic photographer Aaron Huey and Outside Editor Grayson Schaffer organized a group of world-class photographers (including Jimmy Chin, James Balog, Cory Richards, Renan Ozturk, Teru Kuwayama, Pete McBride, Gordon Wiltsie, Andy Bardon, Robb Kendrick, and Max Lowe) who have worked with the Sherpas to donate prints of the Everest region and its people. All profits from the sale of the photos will go to the Sherpa community via the nonprofit Alex Lowe Charitable Foundation, which has been working with climbers in the Khumbu region since 2003. 

Book Your Trip to Base Camp

For every trek to Everest Base Camp booked, U.K.-based adventure travel outfitter 360 Expeditions will donate $100 USD to the families of the victims of the Everest avalanche. The trip departs October 23, 2014. Or donate directly to 360 Expeditions’ Support 4 Sherpas campaign here.

Buy Your Lift Ticket Early

Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort in Utah has partnered with the Human Outreach Project to raise money to benefit the 16 families of the Sherpas killed in the recent avalanche on Everest. A portion of the price of every lift ticket sold on May 26 will be donated directly to the families of the deceased. If you don’t plan on hitting Utah next winter, you can donate directly to the Human Outreach Project’s Sherpa Disaster Relief Fund.

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