How To Sell Your Used Surfboard

How To Sell Your Used Surfboard

Surfboards don’t last forever, and we all know selling them is a pain in the arse. Here are some helpful hints designed to help you sell your board and make top dollar.

Step one:
Sand the board everywhere to give it that just-out-of-the-factory sanded look.

Step two:
Depending on the brand of board, make sure it looks like a pro rode it. For example, if you have a Rusty, make it look like it’s Wardo’s old board. Put all of Wardo’s sponsors’ stickers on the board.

Step three:
Never look desperate to sell the board. Act like you love it, but you have too many other good boards right now.

Step four:
If the shop guy asks you what’s wrong with the thing, always give him some drawn-out story about the foil, and how it doesn’t work as well as you wanted in ten- to twelve-foot waves.[IMAGE 1]Sidebar:
If this ultra-cool surf-shop employee still doesn’t give you what you want, throw out some of these cool quotes, and maybe they’ll have a change of heart:

“Dude, I used it for the first time this morning and knew right away it was too thin.”

“Hell yeah, bro. I left you a killer wax job because I knew you’d want to rip it right away.”

“It’s got a yellow tint for a reason. The sander at Channel Islands told me sand jobs like this create more speed.”

“Oh, yeah, my buddy Jamey says he saw a board like this in Japan for like a thousand bucks.”

“The leash and boardbag alone make this worth it, bro.”

“I just talked to Wardo about this board, and it was like his favorite one ever!”

Good luck, and don’t let those shop guys give you any shit¿they’re there to serve you, not to make you feel stupid (like they usually try to do).

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