How to Throw a Rope 4 Ways

Check out this rundown of the basic steps to coil and throw a rescue rope four different ways, presented by Boreal River Rescue and Five 2 Nine productions. Here is a breakdown of the methods:

  1. Butterfly Method (starting from the rope end): Coil the rope in your hand with loops, hanging from both sides of your hand, that resemble butterfly wings.
  2. Butterfly Method (starting from bag end): With the bag in your hand, coil the rope in the same way as the first method.
  3. Tru Method: Hold the rope end in your hand and coil it in a figure-8 fashion between your hand and elbow.
  4. Loop Method: Start with the rope-end in your hand. Begin making loops with your other hand, twisting the rope as you place it into the hand holding the rope-end.

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The article was originally published on Canoe & Kayak

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