How Much Do Pro Skaters Make?

Posted: 2003.
Next time the parents bitch at you about wasting time on a skateboard, tell them to hold up for a second. Unless they’re transplanting hearts or running Microsoft, pro skateoarders might just be raking in more cash than their blue-collar asses. It’s big pimpin’ time in 2000 for plenty of your favorite pros, so do the math and tell mom and pop to pipe down for a second, your hardflips might have you living better than them real soon. It’s all out there for the taking, and remember, if it don’t make dollars, then you know it don’t make sense. That’s right, you don’t have to live with your parents another day, but make those decisions wisely because, never foret, you always have to live with yourself.


Its pretty hard to consider yourself a professional if you don’t have a board company backing you. If you’re not making t least $750 a month from this one then, technically, you could be suspect anyway. I’m saying $1,500-$2,000 a month guaranteed is average with $3,000 being the cap.

Wheels: For some reason, wheel companies are an attractive business venture for people with deep pockets who want to get involved in skateboarding. Doesn’t make sense to me either, but these outsiders are the ones always willing to pay the most ridiculous amounts of cash. If you get hit up, just start your asking price at like $2,000 a month and work your way down. Most likely it won’t get much lower, but be prepared to do it all over again real soon.

Trucks: You really don’t make shit off good truck companies, which is why there are so many bad ones. $250 a month is about the most your’re pulling in from a sponsor that makes trucks you want to ride and, while no amount of money is worth the grustation of a bad truck, up to $1000 a month can help you finance one badass truck or SUV or Beemer. You get the picture.

Bearings: Negotiations have never been easier: ABEC X 100 = your asking price. If this doesn’t work, keep in mind that ceramics go for top dollar on the open market.

Griptape: This is a tough one to actually get paid for, because it ususally gets lumped in with a hardware check or something. But if you hire Rob Dyrdek as your agent, he might be able to get an extra hundred tacked on to your monthly gross – the only drawback is he gets half.

Shoes: This is the mother lode right here boys and girls. It’s what every skater dreams of getting and, come to think of it, it loks like a lot of those dreams have been coming true. Don’t worry so much about your skating, get your name on a shoe that is at least six inches wide and could be used as an air-cast if necessary you’ll be in escrow in no time. No joke, you can make enough money to buy a house from royalties on a shoe that is nowhere near skateable – something to remember if you ever get one, which you probably will.

Insoles: Getting paid for insoles is coll for your local shop owner because instead of trading insoles for shoes every month, now you could actually buy them.

Clothing Hopefully you’re psyched on the gear, because for about $500 a month, your ass might end up in some questionable ads. It doesn’t always happen, but if you start to see a pattern develop with other teammates, do yourself a favor and disappear for a week during ad deadlines, you’ll sleep better at night.

Watches: Gone are the days of taking off the watch before a session for fear of scratches or breaks. If you’re hooked up, they’re virtually disposable, and if you’ve got what it takes, you’ll make enough in one year from these guys to buy yourself a Rolex.

Sunglass: I’ve heard of guys getting up to $1,000 a month for simply sporting shades. Not bad, however, NASCAR and surfing are two things that come to mind when I think about sunglasses. this sponsor can be valuable to skaters who wear prescriptions, which make sense for only those skaters, because, to this day, I can’t think of a single sport where UV rays actually altered the level of skating going on.

Action Figures If you’re hot, The Familie can get you a sweet deal for one of these babies, complete with a signing bonus and all. Although it might not look exactly like you, or even remotely like you, they do make good sourvenirs and personal keepsakes. Sucks for you when Dave Carnie gets a hold of them though. I’m saying these things takc on 30Gs annually give or take, in addition to the priceless Big Brother comics of course.

Fingerboards: You’re probably not making money off that fingerboard you saw at Toys ‘R’ Us with your name on it, but if you were, it would be way more than the royalty from the bigger, bulkier wood version you find at skate shops.

Trading Cards: While the youngsters are trying to make their bikes sound like motorcycles by jamming you into their spokes, money from your personal trading card has got you Ruff Ryding all over town on a spanking new crotch rocket.

Video Games: If you are blessed enough to make it into Tony Hawk Pro Skater, we’re talking a possible second house (you, for sure, already got the shoe deal). If it’s any of the other games, an RV might not be out of the question.

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