Huge hammerhead shark surprises fishermen with attack on tarpon

While battling a good-sized tarpon, fisherman Ronnie Green suddenly had two challenges on his hands: trying to land the tarpon and keeping the tarpon away from a huge hammerhead shark that happened upon the scene.

It’s no secret that hammerhead sharks enjoy a tasty meal of tarpon, so who could blame this 13- to 15-footer for being opportunistic and trying to steal Green’s fish?

Green, who hosts a fishing show called “A Fishing Story” on the Destination America Sportsman Channel, posted video of the encounter off Boca Grande, Florida, on his Facebook page:

“Get off my tarpon!” Green yelled in the video that shows the massiveness of the hammerhead shark, and captures the excitement in the fishermen’s voices.

Green told FOX 13 that this has never happened to him, but hammerhead sharks have been known to steal tarpon fishermen’s catches before.

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Still, the encounter was a surprise to the fishermen.

“The shark came out of nowhere and tried to attack the tarpon that was on our line,” Green told FOX 13. “It broke the line while trying to eat the compromised fish, but we were relieved to see the fish get away.

“I did not land the fish, but the tarpon will live to fight again.”

h/t UPI

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