Humpback whale performs a baitball ballet in clear waters off San Diego

A humpback whale performed what might be described as a baitball ballet in the clear-blue waters off the San Diego coast and a drone pilot captured the stunning display from a whale-watching boat.

Domenic Biagini, a crew member of Captain Dave’s Dolphin and Whale Safari in Dana Point, California, was on a whale-watching excursion that encountered eight whales and spotted “even more spouts in all directions.”

San Diego Whale Watch called Dec. 12 a record day for humpback whale sightings in the area, the Mirror reported.

The one Biagini captured in overhead video was particularly impressive:

“I’ve never been more amazed than I was when I filmed this video,” Biagini wrote on Facebook. “Humpback whale off La Jolla, San Diego, makes pass after pass through an enormous bait ball in crystal-clear blue water.

“I’m running out of superlatives for these animals the last few days.”

A humpback whale glides through a bait ball off the San Diego coast.

Someone commented that they didn’t see the whale’s mouth open, to which Biagini replied, “It appears to just be playing! Some suggest that the baitball might not be dense enough for it to feed on but looked plenty dense to me!”

The surrounding sea birds were certainly enjoying a good meal.

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