Humpback whales crash kayaker’s 22 Pushup Challenge

While participating in the 22 Pushup Challenge, Mike Pelayo decided to do his pushups for Day 9 on a kayak on the ocean, and he got just what he was hoping for: A video with the potential to go viral.

The 22 Pushup Challenge was created by #22KILL to bring awareness to veterans with PTSD. The challenge is doing 22 pushups for 22 straight days, the 22 representing the number of veterans killed by suicide every day.

In Pelayo’s case, humpback whales and sea lions added to the challenge.

Pelayo and Erik Jones, camera in hand, paddled out from Grover Beach near San Luis Obispo, California, according to Right This Minute.

While attempting pushups, Pelayo was suddenly surrounded by humpback whales, one with its mouth open. A group of sea lions bunched together to create another distraction.

“Through his vertigo in the middle of a sea life thoroughfare, he was still able to do pushups!” Jones wrote in the YouTube description.

And he did them despite the distractions. Clearly Pelayo was in awe of the show put on my the whales as Jones had to remind him to “do the rest of your pushups.”

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Actually, Pelayo did far more than 22. He admitted on Facebook, “After four hours, I did well over 200 trying to get this shot!!”

“My Friends and I had a great time,” Pelayo wrote on Facebook. “We got lucky. Share and Care for a great cause!! Hoping it goes viral!!…We hope this video brings awareness to PTSD.”

We suspect it will.

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