Hunter targets a wild boar and pays with his life

A 50-year-old man was hunting for wild boar near the German town of Greifswald when a wild boar he had shot at turned the tables on him in a surprise attack.

The unidentified man was with a dozen other hunters in an area 120 miles north of Berlin when the fatal incident occurred Monday, according to Deutsche Welle and The Guardian.

The exploding population of wild boars is becoming a nuisance in Germany. Photo: Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Police said the hunter shot at a wild boar and then, on his own, went into some reeds to look for it. Though details were unclear, the pig surprised the hunter and attacked, causing serious injuries to his left thigh. The hunter fell into some water and died later at the hospital. The exact cause of death is expected to be revealed by an autopsy.

“The boar’s whereabouts is unknown,” Deutsche Welle wrote. “One account said the boar had already been shot when it attacked the man, but police said it is unclear if the pig was injured.

“A spokesman for the German Hunting Association in Berlin said it was important never to look for animals that had been shot on one’s own.”

Wild boar numbers are on the rise in Germany, Torsten Reinwald of the GHA telling Deutsche Welle that they are “the winners of climate change and agricultural and energy policies.”

Though hunters kill 500,000 wild boars each year in Germany, experts say that number still isn’t enough to keep the population from growing, and they are becoming quite a nuisance.

In January, a herd of wild boars attacked several people near Berlin’s Tegel airport; it took 18 shots to bring down a 440-pound boar while the rest of the herd fled.

Then in October, the small German town of Heide was terrorized by two wild boars that, as reported by GrindTV. Four were injured and several cars were damaged. A hunter was called upon to kill one of the animals; the other ran off into the forest.

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