Hurley and Chevy unveil the ultimate surf truck with never-before-seen features

On Monday, at the SEMA 2016 automotive trade show in Las Vegas, Chevy and Hurley unveiled the Colorado Z71 surf concept truck, one of the first surf-specific mid-sized pickups, and one that truly solves many of surfing’s automotive hassles.

“We thought about our own riders when designing this truck, like Kai Lenny. If he needs a truck to get from Ghost Tree, to Mavericks, to Baja, what does he need?”

hurley chevy truck
The Colorado Z71 concept was designed to be the “ultimate wave wanderer.” Photo: Courtesy of General Motors

The truck boasts an impressive set of features designed with off-the-beaten-track surf excursions in mind.

A snorkel allows the truck to be submerged to about the level of the hood, a protective trait when unloading jet skis.

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The seats are made from a new fabric technology that Hurley calls “ventiprene,” which can be likened to a breathable neoprene. The material can withstand exposure to salt water, so you don’t have to worry about ruining your seats when driving home in wet gear.

A Thule rack built into the bed allows for drying wetsuits, and two custom Pyzel surf racks are designed to hold boards modeled after the Waimea guns Jon Pyzel makes for John Florence.

Hurley Chevy thule rack
A bed-mounted Thule rack serves as a wetsuit drying rack. Photo: Courtesy of General Motors

Extra-bright LED lights on the back of the truck provide light during pre-dawn or post-dusk hours.

And the feature that every surfer wishes his or her car had: A waterproof RFID bracelet can be used to unlock the car. Wear the bracelet while you surf, then hold it up to the tailgate to unlock the car.

“We want to be able to get to a place that no one else can get to surf,” Hurley told GrindTV. With a lifted suspension, all-terrain tires, 308 horsepower and 275 lb.-ft. of torque enabling 7,000 pounds of max trailer, we imagine that will be no problem for the Z71.

No news yet on whether the truck will be put into production. Chevy says it wants to gauge consumer interest after the unveil. Well, consider us interested.

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