Iceland | A Mystical SUP Destination

Iceland | A Mystical SUP Destination

There are few places on this big blue marble that could be described as other-worldly. Locations that possess such beauty, that us mere humans are left awe-struck by their natural wonder. They are the places not overrun by tourists traps and large resorts, but rather by raw nature and undisturbed wildlife. The Nordic country of Iceland provides a perfect example of this type of mystical environment. This video highlights not only the beautiful landscape in Iceland, but also the country’s vast opportunities for SUP. Whether paddling alongside dramatic glaciers in emerald green water or SUP surfing peeling waves with no one around, Iceland is ideal for any paddler with a spirit for adventure. So hit that play button and discover one of our planet’s most majestic countries.

from Iceland.

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The article was originally published on Standup Paddling

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