Paddling Through Ice Caves on Lake Superior

Paddling Through Ice Caves on Lake Superior

As the ice begins to thaw and winter slowly becomes a distant memory, it’s easy to forget about the true beauty and serenity on tap during winter. But those hardened paddlers dedicated enough to brave the harshest elements oft reap the most awe-inspiring scenery. For example, take a look at this unbelievable video of paddlers enjoying a frosty day out on Lake Superior.

Filmed during various paddle sessions during January and February, these paddlers explore a landscape that looks more suited for a sci-fi film on a different planet than it does for a wintertime SUP spot. The lake is covered in steam–the result of extremely cold air driving water vapor out of the lake–giving the environment a very eerie appearance that locals refer to as “sea smoke”.

Undeterred, the group explored icicle-covered caves, arches and beautiful natural ice formations along the shore of the largest Great Lake. They also got creative in the -20 degree Fahrenheit weather, using blocks of ice as paddleboards at the beginning of the video. While it may have been frigid, these hardy paddlers had an experience unlike any other.

Finally, a word of caution. Never attempt to paddle in sub-freezing weather unless you have the appropriate gear and are with an experienced paddler. While it may be beautiful to look at, it can quickly turn dangerous if you are not adequately prepared for the conditions. The folks in this video set a sound example with their leashes and drysuits. When it comes to cold water, among many critical safety precautions, the most important measure you can take is simply staying on your feet.


Winter SUP surfing in the snow on Lake Superior.

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The article was originally published on Standup Paddling

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