If Only Subaru Still Made This Rare 1970s Tiny Van

Did you know Subaru once made a van? We didn’t know either, until we watched the latest offering from Petrolicious that dives into a rare 1970s 360 Van.

Some might be surprised to learn that Subaru started as a post-World War II Japanese car manufacturer. Offering small, utilitarian options for the streets of Tokyo, the 360 had a few different iterations.

The one Scott Coletti owns here is the Van version of the 360. It houses a 25-horsepower two-stroke flat-twin engine that struggles to keep up with modern traffic … And 60 mph is about its top speed.

The Subaru 360 Van.

This is not a van for living, however. This is a van that’s a challenging (yet thrilling) drive. Sitting essentially on top of the front 10-inch tires, the driver feels the ride like nothing else.

Plus, it just oozes charm with its impeccable detailing. With the script Subaru logo, the nearly flat front-end and the front doors that open the opposite direction, this 360 Van has plenty to drool over.

It might be tiny but it’s got a whole lot of cool.

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