If You Build It: Salida, CO Whitewater Park

Modern whitewater park design originated in Colorado, and Salida’s quarter-mile course, completed in 2000 on the Arkansas River, is prime example of the archetype. Salida was designed by veteran engineer and paddler Gary Lacy, whose Denver-based Recreation Engineering and Planning is one of five Colorado firms specializing in whitewater parks. Lacy has spearheaded the lion’s share of so-called “in-stream” paddling parks in the U.S., modifying existing waterways and adding shore-based features like bike paths and beaches to create urban outdoor hubs.

In Salida, Lacy took the unsightly Arkansas and reshaped it with four main features, creating a world-class playboating destination and transforming the town with a revitalized downtown and a sense of community pride. “I think back to different projects we done over the years,” said Lacy in a newspaper interview, “and the catalyst most of the time was a paddler or visitor who saw Salida.”

Parks like those in Salida, Boulder and Golden have proved to be ideal training grounds for the next generation of boaters—accessible places to hone skills before tackling Colorado’s steep creeks. With burly, aerial-worthy play features available in Salida from May to July, the park has also turned out freestyle champions.

“It always seemed to me to be common sense, that people would be attracted to recreation in their own backyards,” Lacy says. “But I had no idea that it would be as popular as it has become.”

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The article was originally published on Canoe & Kayak

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