If You Have One Day, What’s Your Adventure? Matthias Giraud in Oregon

On Friday, October 14, we will remind all of you of your God-given right to ditch out of work to raft, hike, learn how to surf, or take a motorcycle tour — basically to do any fun outdoors thing you've been putting off. National Day of Adventure is a skip day for adults where we encourage you to take a single-day adventure that will turn your sick day into a sick! day.

Here, we asked BASE jumper and one of Men's Journal's 50 Most Adventurous Men, Matthias Giraud, what adventure he'd take on if he had one day to do it. Here's what he said.

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"Because I travel all over the world all of the time, my perfect adventure day would be right here at home. To keep things spicy, first thing in the morning I would skydive in Sisters, Oregon, surf the clouds, and get some good aerial images. After that I would take my son on a local adventure and drive up to one of the mountain lakes we have up here. There’s a beautiful lake — the water is really cold but it’s the most beautiful lake in central Oregon — called Devil’s Lake. He's only three, and paddleboarding on a frigid lake is pretty demanding for him, so we'll then have a nice little picnic on the lake together enjoying some ham baguettes with a local-made bread from Sparrow bakery. After that I still need some air time — because I’m a BASE jumper — so I would probably end the day with a jump out of a paraglider out of Pine Mountain Observatory, which is only 25 miles outside of Bend."

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