If You Have One Day, What’s Your Adventure? Rob Machado in Bali

On Friday, October 14, we will remind all of you of your God-given right to ditch out of work to raft, hike, learn how to surf, or take a motorcycle tour — basically to do any fun outdoors thing you've been putting off. National Day of Adventure is a skip day for adults where we encourage you to take a single-day adventure that will turn your sick day into a sick! day.

We asked surfer Rob Machado what adventure he'd take on if he had one day to do it. Here's what he said.

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"One of my dream days would be waking up in Indonesia on the island of Bali. My good friend’s place, called the Surf Villas, sits on a cliff, overlooks one of the original waves in Indonesia that was discovered called Uluwatu. What’s neat about Uluwatu is that it has so many different faces that it’s like six or seven waves all combined to just one surf spot. At night, I'd run down to the wave called Padang Padang and take my son, paddle out and ride with him. I'd probably head out to Uluwatu when the tide goes out. Nothing better than being out in the ocean when the sun goes down, especially in the tropics. It’s warm and fuzzy and the waves are coming and the tide is low and there are these beautifully groomed, long, perfect laps. My evening session would be watching the sun go down, catching some waves, and I think it wouldn’t be complete without an amazing dinner. And maybe a cold beverage to wash it all down and then going into my bed."

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