Infinity Green Label SUP Line of Boards Announced

Torrance, CA – Shred & Speed, LLC and Earth Technologies LLC, announced today a partnership designed to accelerate the growth of environmentally friendly, sustainable surf board and Stand Up Paddle (SUP) manufacturing. Earth Technologies is the leading manufacturer of custom sustainable surfboards and SUPs in the United States.
Dave Boehne, Co-Founder and CEO of Shred & Speed said, “I’ve been testing the Earth Technologies glassing and tech on my designs and have competed on them in many events. The quality and durability is unmatched.” Boehne furthered, “This partnership allows both companies to bring this tech to market at a price point and speed that is in demand today.”
Earth Technologies is known for their technological innovation with more sustainable materials in making surfboards and SUPs that combine high performance and beautiful artistry. Founded in 2010, they were the first manufacturer to make a 100% commitment to sustainability, and have won numerous awards. They are based in Torrance, California.
Earth Technologies was the first company in the world to build Gold Level ECOBOARDS, which is the highest sustainability rating by non-profit Sustainable Surf. They use the finest sustainably sourced materials and techniques in all aspects of manufacturing. Boards are constructed with plant-based epoxy resins and 100% recyclable foam, making the board building process less harmful for the people constructing the boards and for the planet.
“This investment grows our capacity for production and allows us to take a big step forward in using more advanced materials in our manufacturing,” said Ryan Harris, CEO of Earth Technologies. Harris added, “To have Shred & Speed and Infinity as a part of this next phase of growth, only furthers this sustainable board production movement, as we move to a zero waste production facility, where every bit of waste is recycled or up-cycled into a useable product.”
Infinity Surf is also announcing a new line of custom SUP boards utilizing this state-of-the-art manufacturing, called Infinity Green Label. The partnership marries the industry leading performance design of Infinity with the industry leading sustainable surf production facilities of Earth Technologies. Infinity Green Label aims to be the market leader in custom eco-friendly, sustainable Surf/SUP board creation.
Infinity Surf will join 1% For The Planet and donate a percentage of all Infinity Green Label board sales to Sustainable Surf, a 501c3 non-profit. Their mission is to transform surf culture into a powerful force for protecting the ocean playground. Sustainable Surf runs the ECOBOARD Project, which helps board builders across the planet make more sustainable surfboards and SUPs. All boards built by Earth Technologies will have the “Verified ECOBOARD” logo, as designated by Sustainable Surf.
Kevin Whilden, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Sustainable Surf said, “We are so stoked to see Earth Technologies continue to grow and partner with Infinity Surf and Shred and Speed,” Whilden added. “Earth Technologies is one of the original innovators in sustainable surfboard technology, and can take a lot of credit for helping this movement evolve from the beginning. Infinity‘s support will help us continue the education of the surf and paddle community on better ways to protect the health of our ocean.”
The Infinity Green Line will be begin production in late 2017 and sold exclusively through Shred & Speed and Infinity Surf in Dana Point.
About Shred & Speed:
Shred & Speed LLC was founded by Dave Boehne and Erik Logan in 2016 as a new company to reflect the changing landscape of the SUP and Surf industry.  Shred and Speed holds the exclusive international distribution rights for Infinity Surf and is one of the fastest growing International SUP brands in total board sales growing year over year.
About Earth Technologies:
Earth Technologies is an award-winning manufacturer of custom sustainable surfboards and Stand Up Paddle boards, based in Torrance, California. They are known for innovation with advanced sustainable materials to make high-performance and beautiful boards. Ryan Harris is the founder and lead shaper, with sixteen years experience building surfboards and SUPs.
About Sustainable Surf: 
Sustainable Surf is a California-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on transforming surf culture into a powerful force for protecting the ocean playground. The organization works with partners and ambassadors to re-invent the surfing life as a sustainable lifestyle choice. They take an integrated “systems thinking” approach with their innovative programs and campaigns, which engage both individuals and businesses together in partnership to solve the most pressing environmental issues facing our oceans – See more at: 

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