Instead of living in his VW Bus, this guy turned it into a hot rod

While us adventuremobile fanatics were gifted the official announcement of an AWD, electric VW Van this week (finally!), there are others who have different plans for the iconic VW Microbus.

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Like Mike “Hot Rod” Rowan, who put a giant 468-cubic-inch Chevy big block engine and nitrous oxide tanks into this 1963 VW Panel Bus, which spits out 586 horsepower and can supposedly do a 12.2 second quarter-mile.

According to Engine Swap Depot, Rowan found this 1963 Microbus in a field in Valdosta, Georgia and only paid $275 for it. And then it only took him 6 weeks to build it into the hot rod you see before you.

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Rowan tells in this video that this panel body-style from VW was already a unique one because it didn’t have windows, “UPS supposedly bought a bunch of these to make them as their delivery vans.”

Goes to show how much space the old VW Bus’s really had. If they could fit a giant engine like this one, think of how much living space you could have!

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