Introducing SUP’s New Community Forum!

SUP racers on the third day of the Ironmana raced around Bora Bora.
Photo: Aaron Black-Schmidt

It’s no secret that community is the backbone of standup paddling.

SUP magazine may be a leading voice of that community, but it’s the voices of the paddlers—you—that truly drive the sport. Beyond the discussions, many of you are content creators yourselves—folks who film GoPro clips of nutty river runs, snap photos of marine life during afternoon tours and pen stories about incredible SUP outings that deserve to be shared. If only there was a place paddlers could go to connect with each other and share their ideas, content and questions.

SUP’s new online community forum, RatherBe, is the perfect space for just that.

The offerings will be multi-faceted: It’s a content resource that aggregates top-tier standup paddle media from around the web, a discussion forum for paddlers to converse and opine on all topics related to the sport and a content sharing platform where the everyday paddler can upload all sorts of SUP media and publish it for the community to enjoy.

Did we mention it’s free? All you have to do is head to the “Community” tab on, click “Join the Community,” create your profile and start exploring. Here are some more details to get you up and running.

What is RatherBe?

RatherBe is a platform that allows users to explore, discover and share their own SUP content. From embedding links to their favorite stories and videos to uploading their own original content, or even building collections of content, RatherBe puts the users in the driver’s seat when it comes to their content experience. RatherBe also offers a discussion forum where readers/users can discuss trending topics, ask for help, sell used gear or just call each other out and have some fun banter. 

What type of content can be found on RatherBe? 

There’s a lot of SUP content out there on the web these days. RatherBe is able to help augment the experience by bringing more of this content to light in a community-based environment that encourages participation and interaction. 

How do I share my content?

Uploading content to RatherBe is extremely simple. Once you’ve gone through the brief sign-up process, uploading new content is as easy as hitting the “create” button, pasting a link or selecting a file to upload, and writing your own title and description. From there just select the collection you want the content to go to, or create a new collection featuring related content.

How does the discussion forum work?

Just like uploading content, to participate in the forums the reader/user has to be signed in to their RatherBe account. From there, it’s possible to read, comment or start new threads in the forum. You can tag your friends, upload images and add emojis. The RatherBe forums were designed to provide the SUP community with a place to share conversations and discuss the subjects that they feel passionate about and direct them on a regular basis.

A word from our friends at RatherBe: 

“RatherBe is a really exciting platform. It allows people to share and talk about the content that’s inspiring them and motivating them to get out there and chase their dreams. There are a lot of social media sites and different ways to get the latest news, videos and photos, but RatherBe is the only one that serves it up in a way that’s easy to access and relevant to the standup paddle community, or surfers, or mountain bikers, or whatever your passion is.” 

The article was originally published on Standup Paddling

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