Is Kilian Jornet Really Going to Go for a Second Everest Record This Season?

#pro – if you don't follow @kilianjornet, stop reading this caption and go follow him. I'm lucky to be surrounded by some amazing athletes on a daily basis. But Kilian…wow. Today he made a 26-hour push from Base Camp to the summit of #Everest, without supplemental oxygen. This is superhuman. But three things make it even wilder. First, he suffered gastro distress throughout the summit push but somehow suffered through and still stood on top. Second, he thinks he can do it faster and hopes to recover in time to make another attempt before this season ends. Third, after 30+ hours awake and enduring real suffering, he still graciously signed autographs in ABC before sleeping or eating. I am so blown away, humbled and inspired for my attempt. Congratulations Kilian! #everestnofilter #everest2017

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Kilian Jornet, having just set the superhuman record of running — without supplemental oxygen — to the top of Everest in 26 hours, thinks he can do better. Or at least that’s what he told Adrian Ballinger on May 22, upon returning to Advanced Base Camp.

Ballinger’s Instagram post narrated the exchange between the two world-renowned athletes, in which Jornet said that he’d like to try to do it even faster before the season ended. Considering Jornet had gone about 35 hours without sleep at that point, it may have been a delirious utterance, but then again, maybe not. Jornet’s blog reported that during his record-setting ascent, he started feeling ill, “probably from a stomach virus,” after 7,700 meters (25,200 feet), and slowed considerably as a result. What if he’d been able to go full bore those final 3,800 feet?

Jornet’s blog, along with his social media accounts, hasn’t given any indication that he’s making another summit bid. But if Jornet was in his right mind when he conversed with Ballinger, and if his body can recover, the mountain seems to be on his side. Everest is about to see another good weather window, perhaps the best of the season, with the lowest winds, from May 26 to 28 on the North side, where Jornet is currently based.

For now, the record stands.

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