Watch Jack Johnson Shred on a Surfboard Made Out of Used Cigarette Butts

What can you do with the most littered item in the world? Build surfboards. The Ciggy Board Boys are at it again, building surfboards out of horrible trash. They collected thousands of used cigarette butts off California beaches, gathered a heap of foam scraps from Marko Foam Blanks and crafted some beautiful (and fully functional) surfboards, handshaped by Travis Reynolds.

And when former pro surfer and world-famous musician Jack Johnson hooked up with The Ciggy Board Boys at the Marine Debris Conference in San Diego, California last year and heard that they were in the process of building a few more boards, he invited them out to Hawaii to take the boards for a spin.

“Every person I’d see, they’d be like ‘Whoa, what’s that thing?’ And you’d show it to them and it’d start the conversation,” said Johnson. “‘Check this thing out, this is all made out of cigarettes,’ and everyone would come over and they’d always wanna feel it, like ‘What the? That’s crazy.'”

“[We have] more influence than we realize now, as surfers,” Johnson continued. “All the actions we take on an individual level or in a small community, or a larger community, have a ripple effect.”

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