Jamie O’Brien grabs camera from photographer mid-barrel for second angle

The North Shore’s Jamie O’Brien is no stranger to pushing the envelope in his backyard of Pipeline and Backdoor. He’ll surf it at night, pull off the board transfer and ride that hamster wheel thing there — and he’s even saved a life or two at Pipe.

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O’Brien recently teamed up with photographer Jake Marote for what we’re guessing is the world’s first-ever camera hand-off inside the barrel at Backdoor.

It’s pretty evident that O’Brien likes to swap things on waves, with his knack for doing the board transfer at Pipeline. This takes a lot of talent and precision, and we wonder how many tries it took them to nail it so perfectly like this. We wouldn’t be surprised if it was in fact their very first try — O’Brien has that kind of skill.

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While this feat is spectacular on its own, think of what this technique could do for surf videos. Instead of jump-cuts of a single wave, the surfer could just grab the camera from the photographer to help finish the barrel out. Jamie O’Brien may have just changed the game yet again.

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