Japanese surfer Yu Tonbi Sumitomo slices face open riding a hydrofoil board

While hydrofoil boards have been around for a while, they’re starting to have a moment within the general masses. More and more people are riding all different types of boards in lineups, and Kai Lenny’s recent video of him figuring out how to catch multiple waves on them is spurring an onslaught of people wanting to try them. So here’s a very good reason not to do that.

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Japanese surfer Yu Tonbi Sumitomo nearly decapitated himself when he was using one that he had just gotten. Things went from fun to very scary in an instant, and as you can see from the photo he nearly cut his entire face off with it.

Pro surfer and big wave pioneer Jamie Mitchell took to Facebook to state how dangerous hydrofoils are. He fears that they will continue to be brought to places with more people, creating risks unlike any other surf craft in the ocean.

The actual hydrofoils on the bottom of the boards are extremely sharp and not something to be messed around with. Sumitomo responded to Mitchell’s post with his own admission that they are in fact something the general masses don’t quite comprehend. Thankfully, Sumitomo will be alright in the long run.

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