Jet Ski Nearly Collides With Surfers in Video of Harrowing Nazaré Wipeout

Hyperboles can get tossed around in the big-wave surfing world, and rightfully so. But without a shadow of a doubt, this drone video recently uploaded might be one of the scariest wipeouts at Nazaré we’ve seen, because it involved a jet ski also getting swallowed up by the Portuguese monster.

It was a rather typical situation right out of the gate for the duo of surfer Alex Botelho and ski driver Hugo Vau during a session on Feb. 16, 2018. Botelho wiped out and was quickly picked up by Vau after having to take only the next wave on the head.

The trouble started when they headed inside to grab Botelho’s board. Upon reaching it, they get caught inside and they are quickly ripped away from the ski by whitewater. Botelho disappears while Vau scrambles to get back to the ski. He narrowly gets there but recognizes a large wave bearing down on him. He decides to abandon the ski and dive deep, which ends up being the proper call because the ski could have easily run him over.

It eventually gets pushed way inside near Botelho, who gives it his best go at wrangling the ski. However, he’s unsuccessful and it eventually gets washed to shore. What easily could have been a tragedy is thankfully avoided.

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