Jim Baird’s experience on ‘ALONE’

Jim Baird at Winter Outdoor Retailer, 2018. Photo by Aaron Black-Schmidt.

Jim Baird and his brother Ted, together, were one of seven teams to compete on History Channel’s survival show ALONE. The show placed the two family members composing each team approximately 10 miles apart amidst the isolated wilderness of Vancouver Island’s northern coast. Designated as ‘the hiker’ for his team, Jim spent the next 11 days following a compass bearing over very difficult terrain before linking up with his brother Ted on the island’s shoreline. There, the brothers foraged for food, built a small canoe and tried to stay warm during one of Vancouver Island’s coldest winters on record for a total of 75 days. Lack of nutrition was their biggest challenge.  Subsisting on a diet of small fish, mushrooms and slugs, Jim estimates that they each lost approximately 26 percent of their body weight. Between their willingness to eat almost anything and their overall perseverance, they outlasted the opposing teams on their way to winning the grand prize of $500,000.

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The article was originally published on Canoe & Kayak

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