Kai Bates | SUP Surfing a Crocodile-Infested Tidal Bore in PNG

Kai Bates | SUP Surfing a Crocodile-Infested Tidal Bore in PNG

If there’s a fabled wave to be surfed or a new adventure to be had, it’s Kai Bates’ mission to be there. Case and point is a spontaneous trip the Australian recently took to the small country of Papua New Guinea. After getting a call from French filmmakers, Bates flew to the tropical country for the unique chance to SUP surf a tidal bore on a local river.

However, the young SUP shredder quickly learned this quest would be more harrowing than expected. The murky river was well-known among locals for being home to large crocodiles–not exactly the type of thing most paddlers want to hear. Nevertheless, Kai was undeterred and hopped on a boat to find the wave he had traveled so far to surf. He was not disappointed. The tidal bore produced a clean, three- to five-foot river wave that was perfect for shredding.

It just goes to prove, the best adventures are those that take us outside of our comfort zones. Grab your SUP and get out there (though we don’t recommend paddling croc-infested waters); the world is waiting for you to explore it.


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The article was originally published on Standup Paddling

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