Kai Lenny adds hydrofoil to boogie board to create boogie foil

Kai Lenny never seems to slow down. One minute the 24-year-old waterman is doing giant airs at Jaws and the next he’s riding his hydrofoil across the Hawaiian islands to do beach cleanups.

For his latest endeavor, he’s attached a hydrofoil to a boogie board out of necessity, because of a broken ankle. I mean, would you really expect Kai Lenny to stop going in the ocean with a broken ankle?

Lenny explains the reasoning for coming up with the boogie foil in the video: “I broke my ankle and now I’m on the mend. There [weren’t a lot of] ways to get on the water and do something that is fresh, fast and exciting, so I figured why not put a foil on a boogie board?”

Seeming to have plenty of prone fun on the boogie foil, Lenny even thinks it might be something he’ll do once his ankle is healed: “It turns out to be something I might do when my ankle’s fine.”

Only time will tell if the boogie foil catches on, but considering Lenny is basically a fish, we’re thinking that the boogie foil is not as easy as he makes it seem. Plus, the hydrofoils are quite dangerous, as everyday surfers have been finding out.

Kai Lenny enjoying the boogie foil. Photo: Facebook

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