Kai Lenny’s Latest Way to Ride Waves

Kai Lenny is a man on a mission.

No matter how many boards (or foils) he has in his quiver, the Maui waterman is always on the hunt for a new way to fuel his stoke for the ocean. And we’re not alone in declaring that his mission has thus far been very successful. For his latest trick, Lenny catches a few waves in Hossegor, France with a method that could only be described as unconventional.

Lenny stroked into waves on an inflatable SUP before transferring onto an alaia with footstraps. Of course, Lenny is not the first paddler to attempt the SUP-to-alaia transfer on a wave. Fred Compagnon began trying this a few years ago and managed to pull into some pretty epic barrels. In the video, Lenny says it was those Youtube videos of Fred’s move that inspired him to give it a try. As per usual, Lenny was a natural and even found a way to compare it to foiling.

Check it out for yourself!

The article was originally published on Standup Paddling

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