Kalani Chapman brought back to life after scary Pipeline wipeout

The North Shore’s Kalani Chapman took a scary second reef Pipeline wipeout yesterday at the conclusion of the second day of the Da Hui Backdoor Shootout and needed to be resuscitated on the beach.

Day 2 of Da Hui’s Backdoor Shootout saw a large jump in swell size, with some incredible Pipeline surf happening all day long. Towards the end of the last heat of the day, bigger and bigger sets started pouring in. At one point, a mother and child were nearly swept out to sea if it weren’t for Rocky Cannon and the Hawaiian Water Patrol and lifeguards’ quick actions.

Minutes later, Chapman took off on the second reef bomb at at 8:02:24 in the video. He can be seen getting swept up the face on the inside. Fellow competitors Seth Moniz and Nathan Florence each took waves inside and rushed to save Chapman when they failed to see him resurface.

Chapman, 34, can be seen on drone footage at the end of the above video being pulled onto a ski with the assistance of Florence, Moniz, Hawaiian Water Patrol and North Shore Lifeguards and then being rushed to the beach. Once there, Chapman was revived with a crowd gathered around. Fellow competitor Torrey Meister put things into perspective with a post on Instagram:

As Meister says in the post, “It’s heavy when someone you consider a superhero goes through something like that. It can really happen to anyone and life is so precious. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have Kalani still with us. That was just frightening.”

Chapman is usually the one doing the saving at Pipeline, as last winter he was one of those who saved Evan Geiselman’s life. So it truly is a place that even the best of the best are at the hands of Mother Pipeline.

According to Hawaii News Now, Chapman was coherent in the ambulance, but was taken to the hospital in serious condition. Here’s to wishing Chapman a speedy recovery and a thank you to the swift actions by all who saved him.

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