Four Tips for Kayak Flyfishing With Streamers

Flyfishing from a kayak can be a daunting task. The thought of line unraveled on deck of the kayak, tangled in your pedals, wrapped around your feet, and snagged on every cragged edge is enough to force some folks to ditch the effort altogether. But with the proper preparation, the risk is worth the reward. These four tips help you make the most out of your next kayak flyfishing session.

  1. Boat Positioning

    When you’re on the water with your fly rod in hand, drifting in the wind and current, boat positioning is crucial. Making sure you use both the wind and current to your advantage are keys in any kayak flyfishing situation.

  2. Line Selection

    Using the proper line type when kayak flyfishing is essential; if you’re not in the zone, you won’t get bit. Fly lines range in their properties, but if there’s one thing that reigns truth, it’s that there’s a line for every situation.

  3. Match the Hatch

    This goes without saying: matching the hatch is crucial in every type of fishing. If you’re not fooling the fish with your bait, lure or fly, don’t expect to feel a tug without serious luck…

  4. Use a Depth Finder

    Knowing what’s below puts you at a major advantage. From the general depth of your fishing territory, to finding structure that fish like, and or even viewing fish from the comfort of your kayak seat, having a depth finder will change your cast-to-catch ratio when utilized correctly in kayak flyfishing.

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