Keep Your Boss Out of Your House

Keep your boss out of your house main

Though they don’t realize it, most men are more stressed at home than at work, say Penn State researchers, who prescribed self-tests and took saliva samples (to check for the stress hormone cortisol) to study 122 subjects at work and home.

A likely source of such domestic strain? Multitasking.

“Most home stress seems related to how work creeps into nonwork life, so people feel they can’t do either role effectively,” says U. of Toronto stress expert Scott Schiemann, Ph.D. “And doing work-related things at home isn’t well received by other family members, who feel ignored,” he adds. We agree: Try telling the wife, “E-mail me about the problem and we’ll take it up at the next staff meeting.”

So de-stress by committing to setting work/home limits once and for all. Here, a few ways to keep the office at bay:

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Stay consistent

Avoid sending mixed messages, like answering a late e-mail one night and not the next. If you do reply, keep it in your “Drafts” folder till the a.m.

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Wise words

Have some diplomatic patter ready: “Sorry I didn’t respond—I try to do the whole ‘good husband’ thing at night” will make the point (and earn you some family-man cred).

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Be selective

Use an app like VIP Alert to turn off the ringer for all but designated callers.

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