KFVM9: Swamp Draining Extreme Kayak Fishing! – Watch Chris Funk deep in the swamp, Robert Field everywhere and Jeff Little out every day


KFVM9 is up! Watch it now! Quick paced and action packed, nothing captures the excitement and adventure of kayak fishing better than the videos broadcast on KFVM and sponsored by Jackson Kayak, NRS, Wilderness Systems, Ocean Kayak, Old Town Canoes and Kayak, and Bending Branches. This is the video series for hardcore kayak anglers and all the segments featured are “shot and caught” by the most ‘core  yakkers on the water.

This time around, KFVM9 features the power trio of Chris Funk, Robert Field and Jeff Little in seven short films, led off by a winter visit to Chris Funk’s home away from home, the black waters of the Okefenokee Swamp and the Suwannee River. The water is extremely low in the swamp and the paddling is tricky in the land of the big alligators, yet the bowfin dance across the top of the water with one hookup after another and the drainage comes alive with critters of all kinds and sizes, including the cutest lil’ den of lizards you’ll ever see. Coming Home: Black Water Bowfin is a video you won’t want to miss.

Next up on the Kayak Fish big screen is Corpus Christ Kings, Robert Field’s quick hitting teaser on his trip to Corpus Christi to fish for kingfish from the kayak. Robert get into a good bite offshore for both the kings and the jack crevalle and the episode ends with a splash as the surf is up when it’s time to return to the beach.

Does anyone who doesn’t have a job fishing put in as much time on the water as Jeff Little? The avid, or is that rabid, kayak fisherman has been known to launch on ice to get to open water and pretty much goes out in any condition that is minimally fishable. We first see Jeff Little in this episode trundling his Wildy ‘yak down a woodland trail with a couple buddies intent on some winter fishing on a secluded pond. Cold Water Crappie Jigging has some great fishing information, including using your sonar to find the crappie and then how to get them to chew on the little lure.

Robert Field with the dynamic duo that run the Extreme Kayak Fishing offshore tournament circuit, Maria and Joe Hector. Photo Robert Field
Robert Field with the dynamic duo that run the Extreme Kayak Fishing offshore tournament circuit, Maria and Joe Hector. Photo Robert Field

Robert Field is back on the road and recounts his experiences on the Extreme Kayak Fishing tournament trail hosted by Maria and Joe Hector. Profiling the top offshore circuit on the Atlantic and Gulf Coast, Extreme Kayak Fishing depicts exotic destination fishing like the Bahamas combined with a party atmosphere and topnotch payouts. Let’s just say Robert looks right at home.

Speaking of taking kayak fishing to the extremes, wind is always a formidable adversary for kayak anglers. But it doesn’t keep Jeff Little on the beach. Safety comes first with the ACA-certified paddler and Little always has a plan that makes kayak fishing feasible — and productive. In Maintaining Boat Position in the Wind, Little not only braves winds strong enough to sheet water off the surface, he also connects with quality smallmouth bass and gives up a critical trick for more hookups in breezy conditions.

Chef Funk is back in the Feral Kitchen and whipping up a recipe that comes from the days when his dad and his fishing buddies would fry up their catch and some potatoes right alongside the creek where the fish were caught. Broiled Fish and Creekbank Taters combines a healthy, fast way for tasty fish along with the good southern comfort of fried potatoes. Dip ’em in a little sour cream for the full Funk effect!

We met up with Robert Field on his West Coast swing and in the previous episode Kayak Fish revealed how he travels thousands of miles with several kayaks in two. The follow up is West Coast Trailer Tour Trailer, a video that has already been seen on Rob’s channel, yet we can’t resist the chance to end KFVM9 showing off the variety of great fish that can be found along our home coastline.

KFVM9 is up! Watch it now!

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