Kilian Jornet Summits Everest Twice in One Week Without Supplemental Oxygen

[EXPEDITION UPDATE] Kilian Jornet summited Mount Everest twice in a week without using supplemental oxygen. For this ascent, Kilian Jornet left on May 27th from Advanced Base Camp (6.500m) and it took him 17 hours to the summit in a very windy day. From there, he returned to the Advanced Base Camp where he is resting with Seb Montaz. More info soon. Picture: Kilian back at the ABC _______________________________________________________ Kilian Jornet repite cima en el Everest por segunda vez en una semana sin usar oxígeno artificial. Para este ascenso, Kilian Jornet salió el 27 de Mayo del Campo Base Avanzado (6.500m) e hizo cumbre en 17 horas en un día con mucho viento. Desde allí, volvió al Campo Base Avanzado donde está descansando con. Más información pronto. Foto: Kilian de vuelta al Advanced Base Camp _______________________________________________________ Kilian Jornet repeteix cim a l'Everest per segona vegada en una setmana sense oxigen artificial. Per a aquest ascens, Kilian Jornet va sortir el 27 de Maig del Camp Base Avançat (6.500m) i va fer cim en 17 hores en un dia amb molt de vent. Des d'allà, va tornar al Camp Base Avançat on està descansant amb Seb Momtaz. Més informació aviat. #OurEverest Foto: Kilian de tornada a l'Advanced Base Camp

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On May 27, five days after Kilian Jornet ran to the top of Everest in 26 hours, he summited again. Both times, the professional endurance athlete opted to go without the use of supplemental oxygen. Jornet’s motivation for attempting the summit a second time was simple: He wanted a do-over of upper reaches of the route, otherwise known as the Death Zone, where he began to feel sick during his first ascent.

As he explained in a press release about his first summit experience on Everest at 25,000 feet and above: “I didn’t feel great and was moving very slowly. I had to stop every few meters with cramps and vomiting. When I got back down [to Advanced Base Camp] I thought I would like to try another attempt if I felt well enough.”

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Jornet clearly felt well enough. Not only did he summit again, but he did it in 17 hours from Advanced Base Camp (21,000 feet), a trek that typically takes four days. Still, Jornet was not entirely satisfied, stating in the press release that “it was really windy so it was hard to move fast.”

Will Jornet be back? Most likely not. He’s done with Everest for this season, already all the way back down to the North side’s Base Camp at 17,000 feet, where he’ll recover before returning to Europe. Plus, Jornet’s dual Everest summits are a fitting finale to his Summits of My Life Project, a work-in-progress since 2012 to set speed records on some of the world’s greatest peaks. 

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