Kitesurfer circled by great white shark says ‘I thought I was done’

The winds on the ocean were light at Fitzgerald River National Park in Western Australia, but Isabelle Fabre was visiting “paradise” from France and thought “life is too short,” so the kitesurfer took to the waves.

Her friend Cyril manned a drone and began videotaping Fabre as the 30-year-old travel blogger crisscrossed the sea.

“Soon I see this huge black mass,” Fabre wrote in a Facebook post. “At first, I was telling myself it’s the shadow of my kite.”

She quickly realized that wasn’t the case. Then she thought it was a dolphin.

“You know, these dolphins have the habit of freaking you out by sticking a fin out of the water to give you a heart attack,” she wrote. “But just when she passes below me I realize it’s a great white shark … She is circling me, and she’s bigger than my board.”

From the shore, Fabre could hear Cyril shout, “Shark, Isabelle, get out!”

But light winds made a quick exit difficult, and every time she turned “my butt regularly fell into the water” and “I thought, ‘I am done.'”

“I saw my life parade in front of my eyes every time I spun around and landed in the water,” she added.

Her friend Cyril “saw everything through the drone and he thought I was done too.”

When she finally reached the beach, she was shaking but was safe.

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Fabre told The Sun the great white shark was at least 7-feet long.

The encounter occurred last week 250 miles southeast of Perth, but the Australian media just picked up on the story over the weekend, 7 News and 9 News among them.

On Monday, she wrote on Facebook that she did a string of live interviews in Australia, saying, “How could I have imagined that this story of shark was about as much of an impact?”

“Yes this story was scary,” she added, “But let’s not blame the sharks for so much. We clearly need them to continue to turn our beautiful planet.”

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