Kyle Chandler on His Texas-to-California Road Trip and Why He Loves Going Cross Country

Kyle Chandler knows what it’s like to take a great road trip. For his cover story in Men’s Journal, Chandler went on a ride from his hometown in Texas all the way to the California coast, stopping by some incredible spots along the way while speaking about his career, his new movie Godzilla: King of the Monsters, and his new TV show with George Clooney, Catch-22.

COVER STORY: Kyle Chandler’s Rules of the Road

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Over the years, Chandler has been on the road quite a bit. “My favorite road trip that I’ve ever taken? There’s been so many,” Chandler told us. “My parents raised and showed Great Danes for over 40 years, and I traveled as a little kid all over the country. So road trips for me are just a part of life. Once I got a motorcycle, and then I got a car, I was out of the house and traveling all over the place.”

This time around, during his Men’s Journal road trip, Chandler took in some breathtaking views on the road to Los Angeles.

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“The first stop was in New Mexico and it was beautiful,” Chandler said. “I also stopped at another place that was 10 miles out on a dirt road that was a really big bird preserve and it was just one of the most beautiful things in the world. Quite often when you go cross country you’ll take the small roads and find the bigger places. There are so many places you can find and that’s the adventure of it all and the fun of it all. Finding an old road, driving down, and that’s when you find things.”

Are you ready for an adventure like Chandler? Watch the video above for more on Chandler’s road trip and his favorite music he likes to listen to when he’s on the road.

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Read more about Chandler and his new role in the Hulu series Catch-22, his role in Godzilla, his incredible road trip, memories of Friday Night Lights, and much more in his full cover profile in the June issue of Men’s Journal.

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