Laird Hamilton Opens Up About His Personal Life and His Closest Calls With Death

Anytime Laird Hamilton sits down for an interview, he typically reveals something of note. And Graham Bensinger typically gets high-profile athletes to talk about things that they previously may have been unwilling to discuss.

So with Hamilton joining Bensinger for a recent episode of “In Depth With Graham Bensinger,” there’s quite a bit to dig into. The whole video interviews are worth a watch, and below we’ve pulled out a few of the more interesting ones.

On His Closest Calls With Death

Hamilton has had plenty of them, in lots of different ways. From being trapped under waterfalls to being trapped in an ice crevice to the expected tangles with big-wave hold downs, Hamilton has escaped death numerous times.

On Forgiving His Abusive Stepdad

Hamilton’s biological father left him and his mother when he was very young. And around the age of three, Hamilton introduced Billy Hamilton to his mom — Billy would eventually become Laird’s stepdad. But only being 14 years older than Laird, the two often butted heads, and in physical terms.

Hamilton eventually left Laird’s mother, but the two have repaired their relationship and Laird has forgiven him.

On Nearly Getting Divorced

Eight days after meeting Gabby Reece for a television interview, Hamilton moved to Los Angeles to live with her. Hamilton at the time was still married and had a young daughter, so it was a doubly radical move. The upheaval eventually worked out and for the best.

There was also a time when Reece had filed for divorce from Hamilton because of his panache for drinking excessively. When he would do so, Laird would be gone and “Larry” would be the one present. Hamilton eventually realized that his family was more important to him than wine, and gave it up for a healthier lifestyle.

Listen to the full interviews to learn more about Laird’s journey.

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