Laird Hamilton Opens Up About His Personal Life

Laird Hamilton is undeniably one of the most famous watermen alive. Whether pioneering tow-in surfing, standup paddling, insane underwater training regiments, or even posing nude for ESPN’s Body Issue, the man is always keen on pushing the limits. However, his high-octane personality has also made him one of the sport’s most polarizing figures. And as is the case with many celebrities, that turbulence can easily carry over to their personal lives.

Laird is no different and he opens up about these personal problems in a recent interview with Graham Bensinger. Most notably, the waterman shares sordid details about how drinking two bottles of wine a night nearly sank his marriage with Gabby Reece. In other clips from the conversation, he goes on to touch on an array on topics including being bullied as a kid, forgiving his stepdad and his closest calls with death.

Laird on being bullied as a kid:

Laird on his closest calls with death:

Laird on forgiving his stepdad:

The article was originally published on Standup Paddling

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