Large Mouth, Small Mouth, Striped Bass and Trout! Ohhh My!!

Deep down in the heart of Texas is a gorgeous stretch of a river lined with bald cypress trees along limestone banks. This stretch of water holds a vast variety of fish species including the Guadalupe bass and the Rio Grande cichlid.

In the winter, anglers from all over make the trip down to fish this amazing fishery. Every year about 20,000 rainbow and brown trout are released by Texas Parks and Wildlife and is considered a trophy trout fishery. Most will die out by mid March but you can still find a few holdovers in deep holes throughout the summer due to the cool spring fed water.

Unfortunately, in the summer you’ll have to deal with the riff raff of tubers and splashers which can make for a less than relaxing day of fishing. This awesome stretch of water is the Guadalupe River just below Canyon Lake and is one of my favorites in the state.

In a previous December, I paddled down the Guad with my friends Raymond Martinez and Ryan Zarate. Ray made out pretty well catching 4 species of fish, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, striped bass and rainbow trout. Here are some of my favorite shots from the trip.



Long exposure night shot on the Guadalupe River


Ray catches a striped bass while Ryan nets it from the front of the boat. Yes. Two people in the NuCanoe Pursuit.


Ray showing off his striper. The record on striped bass on the Guadalupe weighed in at 50 pounds.


One last look.


The striped bass had enough shenanigans for the day.


Pit stop to get a line wet and explore some water.


Ray catching some air going down one of the spillways.


Getting prepped for the ensuing action.


Ray hooks into a trout.


On the operating table for hook removal.


Switched up to the fly set up, success again.


Trout Release. Although you can keep up to five trout between 12 and 18 inches along with one being over 18 inches, you are pretty much looked down upon if you’re keeping them. Brian Klutch


Back to the spinning rig, back on fish. Also, team work makes the dream work.


Turning into quite the productive fishing hole.


Color bands and freckles. All smiles from Ray.


Besos for the truchas.


One last cast….


NuCanoe showing it’s worth on the Guad.


Ospreys, the seasoned hunters. Prevalent in numbers during the winter here.


Chest deep in fishy waters.


Two bros one canoe.


Smallmouth bass caught by Ray and netted by Ryan


A proper grip and grin.


Smallmouth bass release.


And a largemouth bass for Ray


Little fish, big fight.


Mandatory Post Fishing Stop

When you’re in the Texas Hill Country you have to have some Texas BBQ. The Real Pit BBQ has a great feel and after a long day on the water there’s nothing better than Texas BBQ and patio seating. “BYOB”


Pork Rib, Chopped Brisket, Green Beans, Mac and Cheese and a slice of bread. Heck of an ending to a Texas Float & Fish.


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