Latest Kayak Fish Video Magazine Rocks – Loaded with great kayak fishing info and fun

Robert Field loads up his BooneDox kayak trailer in Florida before traveling thousands of miles from coast to coast.

Kayak Fish Video Magazine Issue 8, better known as KFVM8, is live and the new video magazine rocks with both the best in fishing tips and gear, not to mention some more great recipes and the latest in how to film your hot action on the water.

Leading off the lineup is Hobie’s Morgan Promnitz. Let’s face it, most fishing videos are filmed over many days and edited down to just a few moments of action. Maybe it’s not that different kayak fishing, but our gear puts us in incredible locations where the action can come fast and furious and all that camera array literally “sticking” out around your kayak does no good if the batteries on your action camera died about the time the sun cleared the horizon.

Promnitz is equipped with the Re-Fuel battery pack that last dozens of hours on the Go Pro mounted on the stern of his Hobie and it’s just one of the many camera angles that deliver the excitement of the catch and release of a broomtail grouper off a Cedros Island breakwater.

As always, there’s not just one short-form video posted on KFVM and this eighth episode in the 2016 series features everything from Chris Funk weighting down his Jackson Coosa with 300 pounds of sandbags to Jeff Little slowing down his swimbait retrieve to a deadstick to prove once again that KFVM8 is the latest in a great series of informative and fun videos offered by

The grips go on Morgan Promnitz’s Cedros Island broomtail grouper in order to snap some quick photos before the successful release of the fish.

Two of our favorite episodes in KFVM 8 are Robert Field checking off the advantages of his BooneDox kayak trailer and Chef Funk getting back into the kitchen and giving up the deep, dark secrets of the south, at least when it comes to cooking grits (and frying up shrimp!).

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