Latest Wavegarden technology ‘The Cove’ seems to offer a barreling wave

In case you haven’t noticed, wave pools are here to stay — and they’re only getting better. From Kelly Slater hinting that he’s going to be building a lefthand wave to the possibility of the World Surf League using one in a contest, companies are pushing forward with creating a “natural” resource to plop anywhere in the world without needing an ocean.

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Case in point, the Wavegarden’s next technology, aka The Cove. They released the first sights of it yesterday, and it’s setting the Internet ablaze at the prospects of the surfing that could be done with it.

The newest technology from the Wavegarden has been under wraps while being tested extensively during the last few months in Spain. It was announced back in January that Perth, Australia would be getting this original prototype as the first of its URBNsurf project that aims to place wave pools all over urban areas in Australia by 2018 and 2019.

While we have only seen renderings of what the baseball diamond-like layout will look like, this is the first time anyone in the public has seen what type of wave The Cove can spit out.

The Cove is a clear departure from the original Wavegarden design that featured peeling waves breaking towards a pier. For one, The Cove can supposedly fire off 1,000 waves per hour — which if true, is astounding. Despite being the first to release a modern wave pool to the public years ago, the Wavegarden technology has suffered disastrous setbacks in recent years.

Kelly Slater’s wave pool technology clearly surpassed Wavegarden’s when he debuted it last winter. And a series of shutdowns, technical issues and multitude of problems with their first U.S. location has left them in the lurch.

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But, this picture of a surfer being covered up at The Cove along with its revamped layout could be the turning of the tide Wavegarden needed to be back in the good graces of the public. Only time will tell as more details are released and we get more information about what The Cove can really do.

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