Lion bites into vehicle and shows its strength

The GG Conservation in South Africa is a lion sanctuary committed to sustaining the African lion gene pool and studying the species. More than 70 lions live in the safe and healthy environment on private land in Harrismith.

Team members at Glen Garriff often interact with the lions and will oftentimes get up close and personal, so a lion checking out their vehicle isn’t out of the ordinary. What is out of the ordinary is a lion trying to take a bite out of the vehicle:

The male lion gnawed on the tire and then attempted biting into it. After a couple of attempts, it succeeded as a loud “pffffttt” can be heard as the tire is punctured by the lion’s teeth.

“Oh no, man, no! What’ve you done?” a man in the video can be heard saying amid laughter.

The video is aptly entitled, “If you ever doubted the strength of a lion’s jaw & teeth, then don’t!”

On the serious side, GG Conservation is a dedicated organization. Its website describes what it is up to:

“We do not breed for the canned lion hunting industry…Our purpose is to preserve our eight family group gene pool, which were selectively bred to give us magnificent disease-free specimens that can be introduced into other likeminded lion reserves, and hopefully in the future also be reintroduced into the semi wild.”

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