Lion at Kruger National Park puts on a roaring demonstration

A couple on a nighttime safari at Kruger National Park was treated to the amazing sight and sound of a lion giving its best guttural roar while lying on the side of the road in the famous park in South Africa.

“We spotted this lion on a night drive with Jock Safari Lodge,” the couple, only identified as Ghis and Nois, wrote in their video description on the Kruger National Park YouTube channel. “We got the lion walking on the road not far from the concession entrance and followed him a few minutes.

“We could hear in front of us other lions calling. Then this boy decided to lie down a bit and call.”

“The car was shaking from the roar,” they wrote. “[It was an] amazing sighting.”

The couple had decided to visit Kruger National Park after being apart for two years.

“I was with the love of my life during this drive,” the description said.

“We decided to see each other again and chose the bush as our getaway. The bush has always been our bubble and it was her birthday.”

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In addition to seeing a roaring lion close up, they saw a leopard, wild dogs vs. hyenas, a civet, owls, rhinos, elephants and other wildlife.

“It was magic and the magic worked on us,” they wrote.

Apparently the lion could tell, evidenced by its winking at the end of the video.

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