Lisa Andersen’s 5 most stylish female surfers

Lisa contemplates just what surfers float her boat. Photo by Roxy
Lisa Andersen contemplates just which surfers float her boat. Photo: Courtesy of Roxy

When it comes to choosing the five most stylish women surfers of all time, there is no person more qualified than Lisa Andersen. The four-time women’s world champion is known for having more steeze than any other female surfer. According to the Encyclopedia of Surfing, “She directed and focused her speed better than any woman before her, and was therefore able to put maximum power into her turns; she also maintained a balletic line through her head and body.”

Andersen is a six-time winner of the SURFER Reader Poll Award, was voted “Female Athlete of the Year” by Condé Nast’s Sports for Women magazine, and in 2000 was ranked No. 76 in Sports Illustrated for Women’s “Greatest Sportswomen of the Century.” Steph Gilmore recently described Andersen has having the perfect mix of beauty, power, athleticism, and grace. Here, Andersen talks us through her five favorite surfers. “Personally, these five girls stand out the most to me and for great reasons,” she told GrindTV.

Bethany Hamilton

Bethany surfing in last year's Pipeline Invitational. Photo by WSL/KC
Bethany Hamilton, surfing in last year’s Pipeline Invitational. Photo: WSL/KC

Who is she? She is probably the most famous surfer on the planet. Hamilton lost an arm in a shark attack in 2003 as a 13-year-old, but defied the odds to go on to have a successful professional surfing career and see a major motion picture, called “Soul Surfer,” based on her life. In 2014 she came second in the TV show “The Amazing Race” with her husband, Adam Dirks.
Lisa says: “I admire Bethany for her pure determination, faith, and hope. She will continue to be one of the greatest female surfers ever.”

Silvana Lima
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Who is she? A Brazilian pro surfer who has just come back on the elite World Surfing League tour after a two-year hiatus. Small in stature, but big in heart, Lima is known for her progressive act and aerial surfing (as seen above, when she scored a perfect 10 in the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast).
What Lisa says: “Silvana shows absolute pure dedication and is THE girl that is taking female surfing to the next level.”

Stephanie Gilmore

Stephanie super stylin'. Photo by Roxy
Stephanie Gilmore, super stylin’. Photo: Courtesy of Roxy

Who is she? The Australian won her fifth world title in 2014, further cementing her place as a legend of the sport. Known for her permanent smile and eternal style, Gilmore is still competing and is predicted to pass Layne Beachley’s record for the most number of women’s world titles, which stands at seven.
What Lisa says: “She exudes style. As a Roxy teammate, I’ve been lucky to surf loads with Steph, and she is a pure pleasure to watch in any type of surf.”

Courtney Conlogue

Courtney all power and grace in Europe. Photo by Billabong
Courtney Conlogue, all power and grace in Europe. Photo: Courtesy of Billabong

Who is she? A 23-year-old Californian who has been steadily climbing the rankings and is seen as a potential world-title threat. Known for her extreme focus, fitness, and dedication, Conlogue is also a progressive surfer with a unique, radical style.
What Lisa says: “I admire Courtney’s willingness to work hard, and she pushes herself by sticking to her own game.”

Frieda Zamba

Who is she? A Floridian who won three world titles in a row from 1984 to 1986, then won again in 1988. Zamba was a powerful goofyfooter who dominated women’s surfing throughout most of the ’80s and set the template for the modern female professional surfer.
What Lisa says: “Because we all start somewhere. As a kid, she lived down the street from me, ripping. I just wanted to beat her. She was the best.” (Check out the four-time world champ’s SURFER Poll clip from 1988.)

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