LIVETARGET Introduces new Commotion Shad

Catching fish on topwater lures is among the most exciting experiences enjoyed by contemporary bass anglers. A consistent, rhythmic, or even stealthy presentation sometimes triggers the most surface bites. Under other conditions, however, it’s best to cause a commotion: fish big, throw water, and make plenty of noise.

Building upon their heritage in crafting the most realistic lures available, and their dominance in the arena of hollow body topwater research and development, the artisans at LIVETARGET unveil an entirely new topwater lure design, one that’s destined to cause a commotion.

LIVETARGET Commotion Shad in Pearl Ghost

Commotion Shad: Targeting the Eaters

LIVETARGET‘s new Commotion Shad couples an ultra-realistic, shad profile hollow body topwater to a free-wheeling spinner blade tail. Precision balanced and tuned to fish slow and steady, or fast and furious, the Shad Commotion is ready to turn the heads, and open the mouths, of bass and other freshwater apex predators.

The revolutionary new Commotion Shad draws from LIVETARGET’s experience in designing the most realistic, and effective, hollow body topwater lures. Indeed, four ICAST New Product Showcase trophies for their Hollow Body Frog, Mouse, Sunfish, and Mullet exemplify LIVETARGET’s dominance in this category.

Not Just For Bass

LIVETARGET’s new Commotion Shad was designed with the bass angler in mind. But it’s an equal opportunity employer. Especially on pelagic species like striped bass, wipers, white bass, and other open-water feeders in freshwater and salt… Present the bait where you would cast a walk-the-dog hard bait, and watch your catch rates soar.

The easily-fished Commotion Shad performs best on a straight retrieve, maximizing its sound, vibration, and flashing tail blade. A lifelike emulator of a juvenile shad struggling for survival at the surface, the Commotion Shad is equally effective for tempting toothy apex predators, too, like musky and pike, as it is with bass.

The LIVETARGET Commotion Shad is available in two lengths and weights (2 ½” and ½ oz oz; 3 ½” and 5/8 oz) and six biologically-inspired color patterns. (154 Pearl Ghost, 155 Silver Flake, 156 Glitter Blue Shad, 157 Metallic Moss, 158 Pearl Blue Shad, and 159 Metallic Violet Shad) Making it easy for anglers to select the perfect lure for their favorite body of water. The Commotion Shad will be available early winter 2018 with an MSRP of $14.49.

The article was originally published on Kayak Fish

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