Local Flavor: Hainan, China During the Duct Tape Invitational

Ask any surfer at your local beachie about surfing in China, and they’ll either mention something about a left, or simply stare back at you blankly. While some know that Riyue Bay on Hainan Island can hold surf, most know little to nothing about China’s waves, the people who ride them and the burgeoning surf culture on the coast.

In “Local Flavor,” a series that aims to give an in-depth look at surf scenes around the world, against the backdrop of the Duct Tape Invitational and Sanya Festival, we’ll pair the iconic surf personalities of the DTI with the local surfers who know their surf scene best, and record the conversations and experiences that follow.

In the first episode of “Local Flavor,” Riyue Bay local surfer, DB, explains how much it means to the Hainan Island surf community for the Duct Tape Invitational to come to their home.

Having had initial exposure to well-known traditional log maestros like Joel Tudor and Alex Knost through videos only, after surfing with the invitees DB said, “Wow, they were our superheroes but now they’re our friends.”

Hit play to watch the elated Duct Tape Invitational hosts of Hainan Island, China share their growing surf scene with the visiting surfers.

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