Lost skier escapes pack of wolves by climbing tree; ‘I was dodging death’

Janveer Sandhu said he "cheated death" after crashing while accidentally skiing out of bounds and being pursued by a pack of wolves.
Janveer Sandhu said he “cheated death” after crashing while accidentally skiing out of bounds and being pursued by a pack of wolves. Handout photo: Courtesy of Sandu via The Sun

In a terrifying ordeal that the British press is likening to a scene from the Oscar-nominated movie “The Revenant,” a skier from Britain crashed while accidentally skiing out of bounds in Bansko, Bulgaria, and then was pursued by a small pack of wolves.

“I felt like I was in a horror scene,” Janveer Sandhu told The Sun. “I was dodging death.”

Sandhu, 30, of Ilford, East London, was on a five-day break with a friend in Bansko, Bulgaria, in February when he found himself in a fight for his life, a story that is just this week being told by the Daily Mail and The Telegraph, as well as The Sun.

Sandhu became confused by the signage at the ski resort and wound up accidentally skiing out of bounds in steep, dense woodland, where he crashed into a tree.

“My face went straight into the tree,” Sandhu told The Sun. “My nose was bleeding. I was completely alone.”

Sandhu said he was in shock. The situation quickly worsened when he saw three wolves a few hundred feet away heading in his direction. He reversed course and began going uphill.

“I started to move away, but I realized I was going too slowly. I decided to give up on my skis and my heavy boots,” he told The Sun. “My adrenaline had kicked in. I wasn’t thinking about my feet—I just wanted to save my life.”

In waist-deep snow, Sandhu trudged uphill for 45 minutes in his socks.

“I realized every step [away from civilization] was death, so I climbed a tree where I spent the night,” he told the Daily Mail. “I ate snow because I was thirsty.”

Locals later told him that wolves don’t like to climb up steep slopes in powdery snow, so his instinct proved valuable.

During the night, Sandhu saw lights from a rescue team, but they were too far away to shout at, and his mobile phone didn’t have a signal.

At sunrise, he finally dared to climb down from the tree and begin his descent. After a few hours, he stumbled upon a road where a Romanian family picked him up and took him to safety.

“I just thought, ‘I’m going to live, I am alive, I am not going to die in the mountains,’” he told The Sun. “I cheated death.”

The Leonardo DiCaprio movie "The Revenant" reminded Brit skier Janveer Sandhu of the moments he experienced being pursued by a pack of wolves.
The Leonardo DiCaprio movie “The Revenant” reminded Brit skier Janveer SAndhu of the moments he experienced being pursued by a pack of wolves. Photo: Courtesy of Day Donaldson/Flickr

Doctors in Bulgaria managed to save his legs from amputation, but he is still being treated for severe frostbite in Chelmsford, Essex.

“They have said I will definitely be losing one toe, but locals in Bulgaria told me 98 percent of the people wouldn’t have come out of it alive.”

Since his terrifying ordeal, Sandhu has seen “The Revenant,” the Leonardo DiCaprio movie in which his character is mauled by a bear and left for dead.

“It did remind me of a lot of the moments I had,” Sandhu told the Daily Mail.

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