Lot Lizards: Surf Sesssion With Rob, Dane, Julian, And Ian Gentil


With a little combo swell in the water yesterday (remind me again why the Hurley Pro Trestles didn’t run?) we bailed work in order to “create content” and test out some new gadgets we had laying around the office, namely a cell phone-sized Vado HD video camera and a GoPro waterproof video/still camera. We met up with Dane Reynolds, Rob Machado (who threw down some “locals only” vibe), Julian Wilson, and super grom Ian Gentil. The usual “Lot Lizard” suspects were there too, dudes like Blair Marlin, Paul Roach and Johnny Seaside. Anyway, the waves were really fun, the water was warm, and a bit of ripping went down. Hope you enjoy the entertaining yet headache-inducing video (what’s up with the Vado cam shaking so bad?) and let it be known I blew it with the GoPro ‘cuz I had it on photo mode instead of video most of the time. Either way it was good time and hopefully some of you out there got some fun surf.—JC

Check Jack English’s photos below…

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